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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Dave Stack, the creator BJD Collectors.

I hope you like using this platform to buy and sell your new, used and artist made BJDs and accessories.


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What is allowed on BJD Collectors?

• Non-recast ball jointed dolls, wigs, clothes, and other BJD accessories.
• Artist services including (but not limited to) face-ups, body blushing, modifications, and restringing (time line must be given and be less than 180 days).
• Smart Dolls, Dollfie Dream, and Obitsu dolls (60cm or larger).

What is not allowed on BJD Collectors?

Recast dolls.
• Fashion dolls such as Monster High, Barbie, American Girl, or other similar.
• Custom work and artist services that will take longer than 180 days is not allowed.

How will recasts be prevented on BJD Collectors?

A handful of sellers on the site have said they will help me review and moderate listings. Anyone caught listing a recast (or other items not allowed) will be given a single warning and after that they will be banned from selling on the platform.

How much does it cost to sell or buy on BJD Collectors?

No cost, no fees and no commissions to sell or buy.
• If you accept PayPal payments through the site (or outside of the site) you will still have to pay PayPal fees.

How is it possible to keep BJD Collectors free?

I operate my own servers for my other businesses. There is negligible cost to add on BJD Collectors.

The software used for BJD Collectors is the same code I use with my other marketplace websites. By leveraging from already built software I can take advantage of 20 years worth of code and experience. This re-use of code is what allows me to hit the ground running and offer BJD Collectors for no cost.

Do you plan on charging for BJD Collectors?

In the future if enough sellers ask for it I may entertain the idea of offering paid advertising options. This way people who want to pay to advertise their items more can get extra advertising. This would be 100% optional and not required to sell on BJD Collectors. You will always be able to sell on the platform unrestricted and for free.

What does BJD Collectors do with my information?

Your information is safe. I don't sell, share, rent, lease, or give your information to any 3rd party. I also do not use your information for marketing or spamming purposes. Your information is only used to help you sell your items on BJD Collectors.

No sensitive information such as financial information, birthdays, mother maiden name, first car model, etc. is asked for when signing up for an account. The only information asked for (other than password and email) is all basic public information which is all relevant to a buyer so they know the basics about you and your selling policies.

Your data is stored safely and securely on the server. All passwords are SHA256-bit encrypted and HTTPS is used for securely transmitting all data between the server and browser.

Please read the BJD Collectors Privacy Policy to see that I respect your privacy and only collect and use the minimum amount of information needed so you can transact with buyers and be successful on the platform.

How do payments work on BJD Collectors?

You can offer any payment option that you currently accept. For example: Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, cash, check, money order, bank check, bank transfer, credit cards, Square, Skrill, bitcoin, trade, etc.

You can select to receive payments in two ways:

Non-Instant Payments:
After you receive an order you will invoice the buyer and then all payments go directly to you (not through us). We do not accept payments on your behalf like how Etsy or Ebay does.

Instant Payments (PayPal, Credit Cards and Buy Now Pay Later)
You can select to be paid automatically and directly to your PayPal or Stripe account after the buyer places their order. This option prevents you from having to manually invoice the buyer which eliminates buyers who would otherwise not follow through with payment (ie, timewasters).

Why use BJD Collectors when so many other places exist to sell for free?

1) The more places you list your items for sale, the more chances you have to sell your items.
2) Build up your public feedback profile so that you are trusted more by others.
3) Your items are also posted on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for added exposure.
4) When you post on BJD Collectors your followers will receive an email in their inbox announcing your new listing.
5) Easy to use system. Add unlimited items for sale and upload pictures directly to our server (no image linking).
6) Get your own secure Shop page ( where only your items are shown.

Who is Dave Stack?

I'm the guy who runs BJD Collectors. I run the website as my hobby. I'm very passionate about coding and creating online communities that help people buy and sell from one another in an easy and safe way.

I have been operating similar marketplaces ( for 9 years, and Bear Pile for 20 years) and have thousands of users who trust and rely on these platforms daily.

While I'm not a collector of dolls, my contribution to the communities I serve is unique. I have many years experience and know how to build and run a thriving and successful e-commerce marketplace. Also I can code anything that is requested or needed which in turns makes the platform better and the community stronger.

Read the reviews about me and my websites:

500+ positive reviews for Reborns at Trustpilot.
100+ positive reviews for Bear Pile at Trustpilot.

How did BJD Collectors come about?

A seller on my other doll marketplace (, who also collects BJDs, came to me and asked if I could create a simliar site but just for the BJD community. She told me how much a site like this is needed and how others would find it useful. After many emails back and forth she convinced me and I decided to move forward with the project. In August of 2021 BJD Collectors was launched. I run and work on growing BJD Collectors as a hobby.

Who can I contact if I have a question or have a buyer/seller issue?

You can contact me (Dave Stack, the developer and site administrator of BJD Collectors).
I respond quickly to messages (even in the off hours). You are guaranteed a reply in 12 hours or less (usually less).

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