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Irrealdoll Mim

Mocha resin is really beautiful! I have no complaints about it, and wish I could keep Mim in this color, but their head size is a bit too big compared to my other tiny dolls (Lati Yellow, iMda, and a few other artist dolls), so I'd like to send them on to a home where they can be adored.

Looks better with bigger headed dolls-- if you are making a doll family, JacooSun Rou would be a good choice.

17cm doll with COA, box, and some extras. (white resin doll and Jacoo Sun Rou are *not* included. Included to show scale.)

* the eyes they came with (green, bigger iris)
* their sleep clothes (fullset)
* pink wig
* extra outfits (8 garments, see the first photo)

* brown eyes for +$30 (how much it'd cost me to replace them...I love brown eyes, so I would be buying a new pair.)
* brown wig +$5
* blue lacy dress and white socks (shoes not included) $10
* green kimono +$10

Category: BJD - Fullset
Item Is: Pre-owned (Artist Made)
Artist: I'm not the artist
Artist: irrealdoll

Length: 17cm

File under: irrealdoll   engendrito   Mim   mocha resin   umber   black BJD   tiny doll   BJD for sale   BJDsale   irrealdoll Mim   BJDsales   BJDforSale  

Ordering Information:
I have feedback on Etsy, Instagram, and Den of Angels. Please let me know if you would like a link!

Return Policy:
No refunds or returns. Please be sure you want to purchase.

United States        $30.00 USD       ($30.00 USD)    EMS
United Kingdom        $20.00 USD       ($20.00 USD)    Tracked Air Mail
Europe        $20.00 USD       ($20.00 USD)    Tracked Air Mail
Taiwan        $20.00 USD       ($20.00 USD)    EMS
Rest of the WorldBased on location

Some countries only have EMS available (no air mail available.) Some countries only have courier mail available. Please ask if you need help.

Layaway Available:
You can pay at least $100 the first payment, and no more than 3 months layaway (how much per payment is up to you.)

Payment Accepted:

$330 USD   
(approx. $330 USD)
   Item is ready to be shipped

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